PlayStation Plus and Xbox Gold Free Games For February

The free games for both PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold during the month of February has been announced. If you are still at it with the monthly subscriptions, check out what you'll be getting during the shortest month of the year.

PlayStation Plus

For PlayStation 4 owners, you'll be getting a series of games, but the big one is Little Big Planet 3 and the action game Not A Hero. For PlayStation 3 owners you'll be getting Starwhal (cross buy with the PS4) and Anna. PS Vita owners Ninja Senki DX and Torquel (also cross buy with the PS4). This lineup is for US accounts.

PlayStation Plus Asia

We'd also like to point out the change of lineups for those having Asian accounts for PS Plus. You'll still receive Little Big Planet 3 and Not A Hero, but you'll get a bonus game that will only last from February 9 to February 22 - Until Dawn. You'll also get Spelunky instead of Ninja Senki DX. Also take note that God of War 3: Remastered still up for grabs thanks to the Lunar Celebration currently ongoing.

Xbox Live Gold

For Xbox owners, especially Xbox One, on Feb 1 - 28, you'll be getting Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime. On February 16 - March 15, Project Cars 3 will be available to download. Xbox 360 owners get Monkey Island 2 on February 1 -15, while Star Wars: Force Unleashed will be up on February 16 - 28. Both Xbox 360 free games this month is backwards compatibly on the Xbox One.