Rocket League Has More Players Now Than There Are People In Canada


Rocket League developer Psyonix recently announced that their smash hit rocket-powered automobile sportsball game has had its "best year yet," having surpassed 38 million players since launching back in 2015. For reference, that's more people than there are in Canada.

Design director Corey Davis said in a blog post that much of the game's success in 2017 was thanks to the growth of esports and some tremendous sales success on the Nintendo Switch. "We had the pleasure of welcoming a whole new set of fans," said Davis.

Davis added that this was "a huge milestone not just for us at Psyonix, but also for Rocket League as a game and an esport." He also thanked the community for helping to grow Rocket League Esports and the Rocket League Championship Series into "one of the best competitive scenes on the planet."

Psyonix's commitment to cross-platform play was also reaffirmed with a pledge introduce cross-platform party support in 2018. With successful tests of the Rocket League's Psynet Party on Steam and the Switch, the hope is to be able to roll it out to all players next year.  

Not everything is pitch perfect for Psyonix though, as growing Rocket League to the level they have has presented challenges of its own, most notably recurring outages on PsyNet and performance issues on the Xbox One version of the game. 

Still, we're happy to see any game succeed like Rocket League has, and for Psyonix to take up the torch for cross-platform play.