Nintendo Wants To Up Its Publishing Game On Smartphones


Before Nintendo turned everything around for themselves, it became somewhat of a running gag for pundits to say that the company should transition completely towards licensing their properties for smartphones.

It seems that despite the insane amount of success with the Switch, Nintendo is showing an increased interest in the mobile game space. That's according to a report from The Wall Street Journal that says that the company wants to work with more mobile game developers.

Now the company already owns a 10 percent stake in DeNA. the developers that created Super Mario Run, Miitomo, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Fire Emblem Heroes for them. According to the report, the company believes that by partnering with other developers it can release more games on smartphones faster. 

The principal difference between these plans and their relationship with DeNA is that the company has no plans in investing in other studios, choosing to go for more conventional licensing arrangements instead. The report maintains that Nintendo has already begun talks with developer Gungho Entertainment though no solid plans are confirmed.

GungHo is probably best known as the operator of Japanese servers for Ragnarok Online, and the creators of Ragnarok DS. GungHo has already worked with Nintendo before, featuring various Mario-associated characters on Puzzle & Dragons for the 3DS. However, the Wall Street Journal doesn't offer any suggestions as to what games GungHo might make. 

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