Monster Hunter World Is Having A Open Beta This Weekend


A few weeks ago, PlayStation Plus members were given access to the closed beta for Monster Hunter World. Now, Capcom just announced that an Open Beta will be coming and it will be available to all PlayStation 4 players. It kicks off this weekend. 

Preload will begin on December 18. It should still be around 5GB, so make sure you got some space on your HDD. 

The beta phase was announced via Monster Hunter's Twitter account. It will begin on December 22 and will end on December 26

One thing that isn't clear is if there's any new content planned for the open beta.  If it's like the closed beta, players will have access to 14 different weapon types to practice with and three quests tasked to take down a specific monster across two environments. 

It's also worth noting that during quests you'll encounter different monsters and that the environment available is quite large, providing a good amount of replayability. 

Monster Hunter World will be out on January 26, 2018, on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. A limited edition Monster Hunter PS4 was announced by Sony and will be available at the end of January.