Capcom Ditches Silhouettes, Announces All Season 3 Characters


It was a crazy grand finals match for the Street Fighter community to witness - Japan's Evo 2017 champion Tokido lost to Dominican Republic's MenaRD. A big upset since everybody was almost sure that Tokido will take it home considering his strong performance all year.

His only loss during the Capcom Cup was at the end, and the 18-year-old Birdie player takes home the $250,000 prize. 

After the big shocker, Capcom's Yoshinori Ono takes the stage to make a few announcements.

After he requests the whole crowd to simultaneously do a shoryouken after the count of 3, we were given a first look at Sakura, the first character to come out in season 3 of Street Fighter V. Sakura was always a character with so much combo potential and the trailer shows that nothing has changed. It was also a reminder that at the start of next year, all characters will have two V-triggers to choose from thanks to the Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition free update.

At the end, we are given the Silhouettes of the upcoming characters for the season 3 lineup. Everybody hated that we'd have to wait on what the whole season pass will include. So the next announcement was the reveal of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition's cinematic opening, which featured all season 3 characters. 

I was confused at what this trailer was trying to unveil but it starts to make sense at the halfway point. All of a sudden you start to see Blanka running along with Sakura, Cody busting out of his cell looking all dapper, Sagat getting his ass whooped by Ryu, with two entirely new characters named G and Falke making their debut. 

Capcom just announces the full lineup for season 3 by showing the game's new cinematic opening. 

It was a great way to end Street Fighter V's great year and 2018 is looking pretty good for the Street Fighter community. 

Sakura will be the first season 3 character to be released and she will be available at the same time Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition rols out on January 16. The season 3 character pass will also be available for purchase during that time.