Super Mario Cereal Comes In A Box That Is Also An Amiibo

Super Mario Cereal is a sugary breakfast cereal not unlike other licensed sugary breakfast cereals. It’s designed to promote a thing while also serving as a high calorie source of niacin and riboflavin.

The cereal, uncovered by cereal blog Cerealously, is noteworthy not just for it’s mixed berry flavor and “power-up marshmallows,” not unless you’re a super fan in his late thirties who’s been waiting for a follow-up to the Nintendo Cereal System. Rather, it is noteworthy for the fact that it is also an amiibo.

At least, that’s the promise indicated on the back of the box, which reads, “Every Super Mario Cereal Box is an amiiboᵀᴹ you can use to unlock special content to power up your Super Mario Odyssey adventure!” Here’s a look at the front and the back of the cereal box:


Produced by Kellogg’s -- the makers of Corn Flakes, Froot Loops and Special K -- the Super Mario Cereal is not the first collaboration between the cereal giant and Nintendo. Kellogg’s previously released “Kellogg’s MarioKart” which let you “join Mario and Luigi as they game through these fruit flavored snacks.”