Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds - Review Round Up


The only story DLC heading to Horizon Zero Dawn is now out for those itching for more dino robot hunting. The Frozen Wilds has been measured and it looks like the critics are having a blast jumping back in as Alloy one more time. 

Here's the roundup: 

Polygon: "Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds is a good excuse to revisit one of the year’s best games" - 8/10
IGN: "A return trip worth taking." - 8.8
GodisGeek: "It’s a fantastic piece of DLC, and it’s much more than a few hours of content." - 9/10
Destructoid: "The Frozen Wilds doesn't feel like a must-play add-on, but it's more Horizon Zero Dawn." - 7.5
Gamespot: "coming back to Horizon for The Frozen Wilds alone is still worthwhile for the fights and sights, but it ultimately feels like a missing chapter, rather than an eye-opening extension of what came before." - 8/10
Eurogamer: "If you were captivated by Horizon Zero Dawn, and the prospect of an extra 15 hours of similar adventures sounds perfectly palatable, then you'll find more than enough to enjoy in Frozen Wilds."
Kotaku: "The Frozen Wilds doesn’t revolutionize or even significantly expand on the best ideas introduced in Zero Dawn. It succeeds in a more straightforward way: by giving us more of an already fantastic game. "
PlayStation Lifestyle: "Like the base game before it, this is a tough area that almost everyone will enjoy exploring. " - 10/10
Gameinformer: "Ultimately, The Frozen Wilds is a welcome addition to Horizon. The mysteries residing in Thunder's Drum may not reach the same heights as the main game, but they are a great reminder of how wonderful and compelling Horizon is." - 8/10
PlayStation Universe: "The Frozen Wilds offers up a healthy (not impressive) amount of side content. Pigments offer a chance to dye armor, a hunting ground with particularly tough time trials will test seasoned players, and the rare resource Bluegleam can be spent to swap your endgame Shadow weapons for even stronger Banuk variants." - 8/10

Horizon Zero Dawn was a fantastic game and a good start for 2017. We gave the base game a 9/10 and more of Alloy's adventure sounds like a good deal to us. 

A launch trailer was released by PlayStation in celebration of the release of the DLC, which you can watch below.

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