EA Adjusts Need for Speed Payback's In-Game Rewards


Battlefront II publisher EA has been taking a lot of heat over the past few weeks, but their Star Wars shenanigans aren't the only thing being subject to scrutiny right now.

The recently released Need for Speed Payback has received criticism for being less like a Fast and the Furious simulator and more like a game where loot boxes are in control. Waypoint's Austin Walker described it as a game where great work has been "squashed into [the] format and structure [of a slot machine]."

And with the controversy regarding loot boxes continuing to escalate, EA has acknowledged that progression in Need for Speed Payback was underpowered, and would work on changes to increase in-game rewards. Now we have the details of those changes, some of which have already gone live, and others that will arrive via patch "soon."   

Need for Speed developer Ghost Games said in a blog post: "Something we’ve heard loud and clear is that it’s often too time consuming to upgrade multiple cars. We agree, and as a result this is something we’ve been tackling over the previous weeks, and will continue to act upon." 

As such, the amount of time required for parts in tune-up shops to refresh has been cut from 30 minutes to 10 and Speedlist rewards will be given out more frequently. Furthermore, winning the Speedlist is guaranteed to give you a new part for your cars. 

Other changes include increases to REP and Bank awards from taking part in events, an increase in the rate at which parts are rewarded and slight increases to the REP and Bank rewards for finishing an event in lower than first place. 

Changes planned to come with the patch will include higher quality parts being stocked at tune-up shops, an improved quality of cards rolled and of course, the usual tweaks and fixes for stability and performance. You can read the complete list of planned changes here.

You can be sure that Need for Speed Payback won't be the only game that publishers and developers will have to tweak in the aftermath of this ongoing controversy. We'll keep you posted here at Too Much Gaming.