Steam Now Lets You Send Gift Cards, Digitally


If you can't think of the perfect gift for the PC gaming addict in your life, then good news: Valve is now letting Steam users send digital gift cards to their friends.

Now, I myself prefer the personal touch of hand-picking a game I think a friend will love and then periodically guilting them about playing it until they are driven mad with resentment. But for everybody else, these gift cards are the perfect thing. 

Gift cards value from $5 to $100 but can only be sent to people who have been on your friends list for at least three days. Other caveats include the fact that you can't buy these cards using Steam Wallet funds and the card you send "will automatically be converted into your friend's currency" -- but it's otherwise pretty straightforward.

It's as good as real Steam credit, meaning the gift cards can be used not just for games, but for microtransactions or items in the Steam Community Market like trading cards. Valve reminds us that regular gifting still exists, which is good news for me as I can continue sending people weird-ass indie games they'll never play.