Hidden Agenda Is Out Now For Real


Until Dawn developer Supermassive Games has a new game out today. It's called Hidden Agenda and you might remember it as that super intriguing game featured at E3 earlier this year as part of Sony's PlayLink presentation.

There was a bit of a brief confusion over here at the TMG offices regarding the game, as we featured it in our Top Games Coming Out This Week, we spotted alternate release dates on the official PlayStation site listing it as rescheduled for November 22. Unfortunately, we don't have any pics to prove it.

But in any case, it's just as well that we remind you that Hidden Agenda exists. As a PlayLink title, the game incorporates smartphones and tablets as controllers, which also serve as a second screen for the game to send you secret instructions.

It's basically a co-operative/competitive social game wrapped inside a gritty detective thriller. You and your friends guide a cop and a district attorney as you try to pin down an elusive serial killer, but some your so-called friends may be working against you. 

Anyway, check it out in this trailer.