NightCry Now Out On Steam and Playism

NightCry, developed by Nude Maker and published by Playism, is now officially out on Steam and Playism. People are considering this as the spiritual successor to the Clock Tower series, so yes, we got a creepy horror chasing you with big scissors.

 The game takes places in a luxury cruiser and just like any horror setting, things turn for the worse. The gameplay will have two sets of modes as you explore the game: Exploration Mode, which focuses on the player solving the big mystery in the story, and Escape Mode, where you run away from the horrors in the game, using tools around you to your advantage.

It's a Point and Click adventure horror game and there are three playable characters in the game. There will be multiple paths to take in the game, leading to different endings, similar to the Clock Tower series.

It's been out since March 29, 2016 on Playism and Steam and is priced at $24.99(P629.95 in Steam).