Paladins Stops Me From Playing It

If you've listened to our podcast, then you'd know how crazy we are over Blizzard's latest game Overwatch. With the popularity of the game comes imitation, and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I've been wanting to make a video about Paladins: Champions of the Realm for a while now and we finally got to do it. Sort of.

While Paladins is by no means a bad game. It's not the most polished one either. I can go into it more but let's talk about the video. I asked a few friends from different sites to join me in our let's play of the game but things didn't quite go as planned. First off, we forgot that there was a profile level requirement before the game matched you against other players. That and one of our friends was having login problems.

Then the in-game problems started happening. This was recorded shortly after the addition of Paladin's new archer, Sha Lin. During our play time, It seemed most, if not all the heroes were playable right off the bat. it must have been a free weekend trial sort of thing. So I try to pick Sha Lin, but every time I did, the game would kick us out of the champion select screen and throw us right back into the main menu. We suspected that one of the opponents might not be selecting a character in time. This was clearly not the case since we weren't fighting real players - we were fighting AI. This problem of not being able to pick Sha Lin seemed to only happen to me, to the point that (as seen near the end of the video) I purchased Sha Lin with my in-game gold and the game took the bug even further. Not only did it kick us back to the main menu, It gave me a penalty for being a "deserter". This isn't the first time this game has given me deserter penalties when I clearly don't leave my matches mid-game. It really seems like Paladins is actively preventing me from playing it. And out of most of the people I know and play games with, I'm probably the only one who tries to give it an honest chance.

There is a second part to this video that's still in the editing phase. If you enjoyed this one then look forward to the next video. Thanks for spending the time to read this and for checking out our stuff and I'll see you guys next time.

Written By: Miguel Mendoza