ESGS 2016: Zeenoh Games Talks About Nightfall: Eclipse

We saw Zeenoh Games yet again at ESGS and found out their current project still revolves around their Nightfall franchise. Nightfall: Eclipse, a prequel of sorts, will be a VR title and we talk to one of the developers on what it's all about.

Zeenoh Games released Nightfall: Escape last June on Steam and was given mostly favorable reviews based on Steam's review section. We found issues with the game's functionality which we suspect can be fixed through constant patches and we're quite surprised to find out they have a new title in the Nightfall series, and based on one of the developers, it's actually complete. 

The push on VR for Nightfall was no surprise considering that the first builds of the first game had VR support in event floors. Nightfall: Eclipse is waiting for approval to release it in different VR platforms such as HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift. No official release window was given.