ESGS 2016: We Talk To Ranida Games, And They Are Making A Fighting Game

With the quickfire release of titles coming from studio Ranida Games, they are considered the local studio keeping up with the local trends. This year at ESGS 2016, aside from their many mobile titles in display, we were surprised to see a Fighting Game currently being developed at their camp. It's called Bayani: Kanino Ka Kakampi - We played it, and it was actually fun despite it being an early build of the game. 

There were two characters only available. Fight sticks were placed, and we had a blast. Here's our talk with Ben Banta of Ranida Games regarding Bayani and their other titles that were available at their booth this ESGS. 

No release date was given for Bayani: Kanino Ka Kakampi.

You can learn more about Ranida Games and their past projects on their website