ESGS 2016: Project Xandata, A Shooter From Secret 6

If there's one developer that surprised us this year, it would have to be Secret 6. During ESGS 2016, they brought over a fairly new title -- Project Xandata, a 6v6 Team-Based Shooter running in Unreal. We sat down to give it a try and was fairly impressed at the current state of the game, which they considered an Public Alpha build to test player reception. There's abilities, the typical weapon types, double jumps, and a sneaky hidden pistol that saved me too many times during my matches.

We talked to Gene Gacho of Secret 6 to find out more about this new title.

Project Xandata is in it's infancy, just months old in fact in terms of development. But from what we've played during ESGS 2016, there's promise here. This is one title to watch out for in the coming years. 

No release date was given for Project Xandata. 

For more information on Project Xandata, you can visit the Secret 6's website or their Facebook page for any updates on the game's development.