ESGS 2016: We Catch Up With Nico Tuason About Lithium City

We have covered the e-Sports and Gaming Summit since it started in 2014. It 's been a blast and it's great running around the halls yet again for a third time. But one of the best things for checking out the event each year is witnessing the progress of a title you first saw in it's infancy.

There was once a game called Project CQB developed by Nico Tuason, and it was featured to the public at the first ESGS. Since then, it has evolved into a title called Lithium City. We played the first 6 levels and talked to Nico Tuason about the current state of this Isometric Shooter. 

Lithium City has no release date at the moment but is currently at Steam's Greenlight program

Lithium City Trailer