ESGS 2016: Indigo Entertainment Talks Agent Aliens and Play Day

During ESGS 2016, we check out a mobile platformer game called Agent Aliens that has aliens fending off humans, while their other game that's fresh out of the box call Play Day, let's you play a series of mini games that could potentially score you real world rewards. 

Agent Aliens is a Free-To-Play mobile games already available on the Google Play store. From afar, it feels like it's a platformer that you wouldn't expect to go for a free business model. It was released just recently but with the little development time done in this game, the core foundation of the game seems to be put in place nicely. Boss battles are included, and you get to play other aliens to somewhat spice up your time with the game. 

Play Day, which is currently not available, is a series of simple tap mini games that would only take a couple of minutes of your time. It's a good distraction to keep you occupied but the real pull is that the developers mention the possibility of earning real world rewards such as coupons or items. They are still working on sponsors to get this kind of concept rolling but it's an interesting take in finding a way to pull players to keep playing. During the ESGS 2016 floor, only 10 mini games were available, but they expect to release around 30 by the time Play Day is ready for release. 

For more information on Indigo Entertainment, Agent Aliens, and updates on Playday, check out their official website.