Final Fantasy XV 101 Trailer And Day One Updated Released

Final Fantasy XV is just a week away from release and it looks like Square Enix is in full force to remind those waiting for this highly anticipated title, at the same time giving those unfamiliar with the series a good tutorial to the franchise's latest world. 

For those unfamiliar with what's going on in Final Fantasy XV or even has no clue what the game will provide you, Square Enix released a lengthy 101 trailer showcasing all the features you'll experience in this Action RPG title. From combat, to the game's extensive lore, they tackle each aspect that make Final Fantasy  XV.

Folks at Square promised detailed information on the game's day one patch and they delivered. Courtesy of Eurogamer,  here's the details of the patch that will welcome you once you boot the disc. It's called the Crown update and yeah, not sure why they have to even name it. 

  • New event scenes and scenes from Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy 15 and the Omen trailer have also been added to the game to make the story and timeline of events within the Final Fantasy 15 universe even easier to follow for newcomers
  • For those who enjoy collecting items, the upgrade will also add a wider variety or recipes and fish with the addition of a gallery to keep track of culinary discoveries
  • Implementation of social media support, allowing the photos Prompto takes along your journey to be uploaded to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Improvements to the camera with new options to better assist and track the action in tight spaces and to improve visibility during battles
  • The addition of an ability tree for the Wait Mode function improves the strategic element of this feature
  • Players can obtain the “Beast Whistle” which can be used to call monsters to battle

Leaked copies have been circulating and it seems to be missing out some content for being early birds. This seems to be an extensive update that adds more context and content to the game but no details were given on how big this update will be. The Crown update will be available on launch day. Final Fantasy XV will be available on November 29, 2016 for PS4, and Xbox One.