Filipino Players Perform Well At The South East Asia Majors 2016

SEAM 2016 (South East Asia Majors 2016) happened last weekend and for those following the Fighting Game Community, it was an exciting conclusion to one of the biggest events in the region. Tournaments were held for a series of Fighting Game titles and we got players from the Philippines heading to Singapore, showing that they can compete with the best the region has to offer. 

Playbook Elite (PBE) and the Imperium Pro Team (IPT) sent their best players to Singapore for this year's South East Majors to compete in Street Fighter V, Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator, BlazBlue: Central Fiction, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, and King of Fighters XIV. The result? An amazing performance by the Philippine players.

In the BlazBlue: Central Fiction tournament, IPT.Alden cruised along the brackets placing himself on the Grand Finals stage, facing off against Japan's Jiyuna. Jiyuna showed his skill by providing an impressive 3 - 0 sweep during the first set. But IPT.Alden answers back with his own 3 - 0, crowning him champion of SEAM 2016 in BlazBlue: Central Fiction. 

In Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator, Playbook Elite players dominated the tournament with PBE's Noob, Drake, and Shinji placing high and even providing a Grand Finals between teammates. Noob took down his own teammates Shinji and Drake, but Drake fought his way through the Losers bracket to meet Noob yet again for a runback at the Grand Finals stage. In the end, PBE.Noob takes the victory and is crowned Champion for Guilty Gear. With Noob taking the tournament at SEAM 2016, he faced Daru for the qualifier spot for ARC Revolution Cup 2016 but sadly lost 0 - 3. 

In Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, IPT's Anton Castilla had an amazing run. He fell against the eventual winner of the tournament, Japan's 7110, then lost in the Loser's Bracket by Guam's Birdee, giving him IPT.Anton a third place finish.

For Street Fighter V, among all the players sent by both IPT and PBE, only two players, IPT.Dru and PBE.Don, were able to make it to the Top 32 of this 160-player tournament. It was an impressive run for both players considering the amount of talents that registered for the tournament. Tokido of Japan faced against EG's Momochi at the Grand Finals. But Tokido's clutch plays prevented a set reset from Momochi, crowning him SEAM 2016's Champion in Street Fighter V.

A stellar performance by the players from the Philippines. The results of this year's South East Asia Majors and even this year's Manila Cup shows that Filipino players will be a force to be reckon with in the near future, and it will be exciting to see how the Filipino Fighting Game Community will grow with these results. 

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