Impressions: Mortal Kombat Demo

The Mortal Kombat demo just came out a few days ago for download on the Playstation Network and Xbox live. I started downloading the 1.3gb demo to test out how the game plays and to get an idea of what the game will offer when it ships on April 19.

The demo contains four playable characters: Sub Zero, Johnny Cage, Mileena and Scorpion. The menu screen showing a picture of Scorpion giving an uppercut to Sub Zero gives you the option to pick either the one player modes or two player modes. the only mode accessible is 4 stages of ladder mode. Where you only fight the four playable characters. The fifth fight was going to be the four armed monster Goro but like any demo, it ends at the good part and shows you a trailer of Mortal Kombat and its features. in Two player, versus is the only playable mode in this demo.

This game many game modes to trip on in the full version. From what i see in the demo, They got Story Mode, Ladder Modes, Team Ladder, Online, Two Player online(which I'm curious about) and Challenge tower which consists of 300 challenges. With this many modes seen in the demo, it already feels like a full package plus their 26 Character Roster and 2 DLC characters.

The fighting mechanics seems to be exactly how it was in previous Mortal Kombat games but with more depth. it's pretty satisfying and the speed of the matches are quite fast. The concept of blocking by pressing a button is still fairly new to me and I haven't played Mortal Kombat in a long time. Defense is different because if it but a few matches and training sessions can get you pressing that block button. The moves of each character's are still easy to input but is never the same for each character. I tried all 4 playable characters and each of them plays differently so going to the training lab when this game ships is going to be a treat. With each players simple 3 hit combos and moves, I see a lot of potential juggles and combos, so it's going to be an entertaining game to watch when the pro players get their hands on Mortal Kombat.

Fatalities are crazy! it's more messed up to see up close to see the detail of each fatality. In the demo, each of the four characters have only one fatality and a stage fatality. These four fatalities is enough to show me how insane these can be. There will be over 60 fatalities in the full version, so yea..... a lot to look forward to if your into fatalities .

Graphics are amazing for the fast loading times in each fight But what i noticed in the demo is the lack of bg music. Either they took it out completely or it just wasn't implemented in this demo. Character detail though is quite impressive. As you progress in a match, depending on how beat up your character is will be shown. You can visually see wounds like slash marks, ripped clothes, blood on their body and face. As a match ends, the winner lifts his hand in victory but showing his exposed ribs and blood all over his face hinting it wasn't easy.

So during my time with the demo it seems like it will come out as a solid fighting game to live up to the Mortal Kombat name. With it's the many modes in the game, huge character roster, and satisfying fighting mechanics plus that challenge tower will keep people busy for a while. Mortal Kombat is a game to look out for when it comes out on April 22 for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

What did you guys think of the demo? can't wait for the full game??

Oh, and to give you guys an idea on how crazy the fatalities can get, check the video below.