Nightfall: Escape Alpha adds a lot of new content


Zeenoh Games just released an alpha build of Nightfall: Escape. New areas, boss fights, cutscenes, puzzles and a few changes have been added compared to the Pre-Alpha build that came out a few months ago. All for the better. We're definitely looking forward to further improvements on this game. Me and Will recorded another video of us going through the latest build of Nightfall: Escape and we were surprised by the sizes of the new areas that were added into the game. The implementation of the blood light is much better now since it actually plays into more of the puzzles now and were surprised by the two boss fights included in the alpha. The new voice actor for the main character is a bit jarring but the change was due to scheduling issues with the previous voice actor. The game is still in alpha so a lot can change upon final release. You can call us excited.