Check out the Ultimate FPS Simulator

A UK show called The Gadget Show just did something truely amazing. They actually built a First Person Shooter Game Simulator. A world first they say. The goal is to create a simulator to create that sense of realism, making you feel that your literally in the game. Game of choice? Battlefield 3.

It's pretty sick how they pulled this off. You walk, aim, crouch, and even get hurt if you actually get shot in the game. Thanks to some hacking on a Kinect device, performing an actual jump or a crouch will trigger those movements in-game. With Battlefield 3' s already realistic gun sounds and explosions,  I'm sure it helps their goal to make it as realistic as possible. Gaming companies should take some pointers.

Now I think they did an awesome job creating a realistic game simulator, but imagine if they can pull off adding a way to use vehicles. Mind blown.