New gameplay footage for The Evil Within coming from the Eurogamer Expo

The-Evil-Within-ss01 During the developer session at the Eurogamer Expo (yes, they have an expo), Bethesda and Tango Gameworks showed new The Evil Within gameplay footage mixed with old ones already shown during previous events. It's 20-minutes of gameplay and I'm not too thrilled with Resident Evil maker's latest project. Watch it below. 

The demonstration was divided into two parts; the beginning of the game with some sneaking elements, and the shooting gameplay. Don't mind the stuttering in the video. It was due to the live stream capture for the session, not from actual gameplay.

I appreciate the effort from Shinji Mikami to return Survival Horror back to its roots, but the latest gameplay reminded me of Resident Evil 4, which is the point where the Resident Evil series first went a bit more action-oriented. I have my guard up on this one thanks to the cabin defense part with you putting minds to hold the creatures off. It's planned for a 2014 release, so  maybe they have more interesting features to reveal because I do want more horror titles to succeed, especially the high budget titles.

The Evil Within will be available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.

E3 2013: The Evil Within - Survival horror's comeback?

the-evil-within-wallpaper-artwork-1 The Survival horror genre has seen better years. It was once a genre that was in par with everything else, but now we live in a world filled with action, first person perspective, and high fantasy, with the horror genre taking a back seat showing itself mostly on the indie side. Thankfully, a group of talented folk wants to change that.  Bethesda has teamed up with Shinji Mikami(creator or Resident Evil) to create The Evil Within; their attempt to bring back the real meaning in a survival horror game. So far, it looks promising from afar.

GameSpot E3 stage demo - Evil Within 

During the whole E3, the demo shown below is the only gameplay shown in almost all outlets. Bethesda and Tango seem to be only talking about the game only at a certain point, which is fine since we get to finally see the game in action.

Everything he said gives me hope that they might just do what they set out to gain from this title; the return of survival horror into the spotlight. The setting is pretty generic for a genre like this. An investigator named Sebastian and his partner go a gruesome mass murder. Their investigation results them entering an asylum and of course, it turns out to be a really bad idea.

One thing that caught my attention is that the gameplay will put the player in positions were you will need to make the best out of your surroundings and really conserve what you pick up along the way. Guns blazing won't always be the best choice anymore with the limited ammo, which got me excited, because that restriction alone puts a lot of emphasis on the word "survival" in survival horror. not only that, the tension will always be high.

The Evil Within - Live Action teaser trailer

Sadly, there's no demo that has no interview or commentary. I was hoping one comes out soon so we all can experience the atmosphere of the game, because if there's one thing that's important with a game like this, it's the scary atmosphere. The teaser trailer really gave us the idea that it will be scary, disturbing even, so I shouldn't be that worried.

The Evil Within is set for next year for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.