Street Fighter X Megaman getting some tweaks this month

SFxMM To celebrate Megaman's 25th anniversary, Capcom released Street Fighter X Megaman last December for free. It was a great was to please fans of  megaman. Now they are showing a bit more love by releasing version 2 of the game, which fixes the many bugs that game with this free PC game. No new content was added, but its good to see Capcom is providing support to even a free game like this. 

The news of the update was brought up during an interview with Capcom's senior community manager Brett Elston. Elston.

Brett Elston also tweeted that version 2 will be released sometime this month.

If you guys are unfamiliar with Street Fighter X Megaman, it's really the old school megaman with stages themed based on the Street Fighter characters, with those characters being the bosses at the end. It's a great way to start Megaman's 25th anniversary. Again, it's free, and if you want to give it a try, head over to CapcomUnity for the download.

[Source: MegaManNetwork]


Capcom announces Street Fighter X Megaman for PC, will be free to download

Capcom is currently celebrating Street Fighter's 25th anniversary, and to end it with a bang, they announce Street Fighter X Megaman, a fan-made crossover title that will be given for free on December 17. With Street Fighter's celebration ending soon, and Megaman's 25th anniversary coming next, this is a perfect gift to the fans for both franchises. Check out the trailer below.

You can download the game through Capcom Unity on December 17.