Hyped about Resident Evil 4

I've had Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition for quite some time now but I haven't really played it past the first house. I've always heard great things about this game and I've wanted to play it since it was a Gamecube exclusive back when it was first released.

I just can't get to playing a game until I really sink my teeth into it. I can get going and play for hours straight if I'm enjoying it but once I stop, at time I find it so difficult to just boot the game again. I'm just weird like that, plus having a day job eat 9 hours of my life 5 days a week doesn't help either.

However, after watching this video, I want to run home right now, boot the game and swear a whole lot while laughing my ass off. If there's anything that can get you hyped about playing a game, its stuff like this. Thank you youtube. And thank you Machinima for getting these two guys to make this series.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6jEN978uTE&w=640&h=390]

Resident Evil Revival Selection

Capcom has announced that a new PS3 and Xbox 360 title called Resident Evil Revival Selection for Japan. It is a compilation disc containing HD remasters of both Resident Evil 4 which will also include Ada Wong's "Another Order" mode and Resident Evil: Code Verinoca (Director's Cut). As of right now there is no news of a US release and the release date for Japan has yet to be announced. I think Capcom is aware of Resident Evil's success in North America and I'm sure they will release the Revival Selection disc soon. But wait, isn't Resident Evil called "Biohazard" in Japan? Hmmmmm...

"Sing the Uncanny X-men theme. You know you want to"