TooMuchGaming's New Let's Play Channel

toomuchgaminglp We've decided to split the let's plays from main channel since let's plays are pretty much an entirety on their own. All the older uploaded let's plays on the main channel (tmgblog) will stay there but newer let's play vids will go to the new channel (toomuchgamingLP). No trailer for the new channel is ready at the moment but there are some videos already live and there are much more to come very soon. Subscribe if you don't wanna miss our zany video game adventures and misadventures.

Check out some of the videos from the new channel below.


Donkey Kong Country Returns with Migoy and Bud

Donkey Kong Country Returns I've been meaning to play this game for a while now but since it appears to be best enjoyed when playing with another person, I got my cousin Bud (PSN ID: KickinTotz) to join me.

With how crazy the stages can get, especially the minecart segments, this is surely a game that will test friendships. Expect to hear us screaming, sometimes at each other, through out the videos.


Batman: Arkham Asylum Playthrough with Migoy

Batman Arkham Asylum

Since I got my PS3 late last year, I missed out on the initial hype of Batman: Arkham Asylum. Didn't get Batman: Arkham City when it was new because I wanted to play Arkham Asylum first since the stories are directly related and I heard the gameplay of Arkham Asylum isn't drastically different from Arkham City.

I decided to capture my complete first playthrough of Arkham Asylum and then hopefully dive into Arkham City shortly after. I know that my playthroughs are older games but I've only recently had time to really play them. Join me on my quest as I punch dudes in the mouth as Batman.