No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise Release Date (Finally) Set

August 16 is the date according to Konami's official press release. The enhanced port of the first No More Heroes game includes much more detailed graphics, PlayStation Move support, and bosses and other content plucked from No More Heroes 2. And in case you've forgotten, Heroes' Paradise is PS3-exclusive in America (the original Japanese version was also on Xbox 360).

From GamePro

No More Heroes: Red Zone

Marvelous Entertainment has finally released a new trailer for the PS3 version of the former Wii exclusive 'No More Heroes' titled No More Heroes: Red Zone.

The HD version of the ridiculously awesome Grasshopper action game comes with improved graphics and new features which are shown off in the video.

The new features include the new Z-Rating, online rankings, a boss rush mode, 5 bosses from No More Heroes 2, 10 new missions and PlayStation Move support.

From the looks of it, the motion gimmicks with the Move support will be just like the Wii version, gesture prompts will only appear when pulling off finishing moves such as decapitating sword strikes to wrestling suplexes which were very satisfying on the Wii.

The game is set for release in Japan on 7/21/2011.