Pick 5: Some awkward/weird moments in video games


Video Games and their awkward moments Games can have their moments, moments that would give you goosebumps when it happens and turns out to be an unforgettable experience. Sadly, this Pick 5 isn't about those epic moments, that's for another time. I'm focusing on the complete opposite for now, the moments that give you that awkward feeling. There's quite a lot in video game history, but this batch really make me check who's in the room because it would feel weird going through with it if someone is around. I mean seriously..

Playing Raiden naked

Way before Metal Gear Solid's Raiden became the cyborg ninja in MGS4 and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, he was just a soldier like Snake.  In Metal Gear Solid 2, all is great, but there was that one part in the game many hours in where Raiden is stripped of everything...even his clothes. The player gets control of the naked Raiden holding his uhm...package and you must sneak through the area and reach Snake who has your equipment. What's funny is it's not a 2 minute point in the game, it's a whole area. knocking out some people maybe required, even a few cartwheels is needed to go through.  It was so weird to play that part in the game but that's Hideo Kojima for you.

Tidus and Yuna laughing it out

Final Fantasy X, believe it or not is one of my favorites. Easily one of the best in the series. I loved everything about that game, but as much as I love this game to this day, this scene with Tidus and Yuna still makes me cringe every time. It's not the voice acting, its just plain dumb and I've yet to find someone who laughs like that in public, and if I do, I'll have to punch him.

That weird dance in Resonance of Fate

Never played the RPG Resonance of Fate? It's a must play for any JRPG fans. The combat is what makes this game special. Understanding the combat can be a chore, but is quite rewarding once you get used to it, and if you get really good at it, you might just reach this point in the game to make you see this scene first-hand. The cutscene is fine, but it's that dance in Vashyron's head. I have no idea what dance that was but It was pretty awkward to watch.

Press X to Jason

Heavy Rain was definitely a must play if you own a PS3. It's unique storytelling is intense and engaging. Even when your frantically looking for the characters son in a crowded mall and pressing X to call out his name can be intense. No I'm just kidding, it was awkward and hilarious really. Intended to be a very emotional part into the game turned out to be a good example how quick time events don't make a scene any better, or even emotional. What's worse is how there are different awful ways Ethan calls out his son's name. JASONNNNN! Instant classic though.

in-game Sex scenes in general

mass effect jack sex scene

Sex scene's added into a game is still controversial in the gaming industry and can be scandalous to the public if not done properly. But many should realize that most of them are very much awkward to watch. Heck, even a regular kiss even now is quite weird to watch, it sometimes looks like two birds trying to transfer food from one another. It's getting better yes as we move forward and as new characters get more pixels, it would come out more natural, but right now its not there yet.

Got any moments when playing that felt a bit awkward or weird? Hit the comments below.

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance TGS 2012 Trailer

The Ripper is back! A 5-minute action trailer from this year's Tokyo Game Show is shown after the jump.



It was already confirmed earlier this month that the Japanese version of this Metal Gear spin-off will be exclusive for PS3.

The demo will be included in the upcoming Zone of the Enders HD Collection and will be downloadable through Xbox Live and PlayStation Network on October 25, 2012.

Release Date: February 21, 2013

Platform: Playstation 3 (Worldwide) , Xbox 360 (except in Japan)

Zone of Enders HD Collection coming Fall, and some news about a new MGS

Zone of Enders HD Collection Konami confirms the release of an HD Collection for Zone of Enders. It was rumored by Hideo Kojima himself with some twitter pics but now it's officially announced and will hit shelves this fall for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360

Fall pretty much means sometime around September. No confirmed date was mentioned so far. It will include Zone of the Enders and Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner fully remastered.

"We are looking forward to bringing the legendary Zone of the Enders series to fans old and new in a high-definition format with the Zone of Enders HD Collection," said Tomoyuki Tsuboi, President of Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.

I'm sure the fans were hoping for a new Zone of Enders, but looks like any plans for that is on hold since Hideo Kojima was placed in the seat once again to continue the Metal Gear Solid series.

Metal Gear Solid New artAbove is the first art for the next Metal Gear Solid game. It's just Big Boss with a dog with him, nothing to see. Konami is currently hiring developers to work on the game and so far this is the only info about it, aside from it actually happening.

Hideo said at one point that he wanted the 4th to be the last of Snake, so anything is up in the air on how the 5th will go.

MGS: Peace Walker HD supports 4-player online co-op

Ok, when I first heard about Peace Walker being included in the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection the first think that came into mind "will there be online support"? Another question rumbling in my brain was "If there's no online, will they just remove multiplayer in general?" which is a big issue since Peace Walker is basically Monster Hunter and a huge amount of the game's enjoyment relies on multiplayer.

Well my worries are over since Hideo Kojima posted on his Twitter account that you will be able to play in game with up to 3 other people online. The tweet also mentions that the game will be running at a full 60 frames per second and that character dialogues will pop up at random during loading screens.

Aside from Peace Walker, the HD Collection will also include Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance and Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence means that the original Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 will be included as well.


4 people can co-op and it is 60 frames. During loading, characters’ dialogues pop up at random. http://yfrog.com/h34uvzrj