E3 2011: Sony Press Conference Highlights!

Sony's Press Conference is finally done and it was....ok i guess. They've always had this kind of presentation used every year that I never really liked. Of course we all got blown away with a sick uncharted 3 Live demo, a short Resistance 3 live demo, info about the ICO and Shadow of Collosus HD version, lots of Palystation Move games, Bioshock: Infinite and presenting the sequel to the PSP, the Playstation Vita. Check out the highlight of Sony's Press Conference. - Because of the Sony PSN outage, Jack Tretton does an personal Apology about the incident.

- Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Live demo presented. Also revealed a new trailer revealing the return of Chloe and Elena.

- Also annouced that the Beta of Uncharted 3 starts on June 28.

- Resistance 3 Live demo was presented.

- God of War: Ghost of Sparta and God of War: Origins getting HD treatment.

- ICO and Shadow of Collosus HD collection mentioned to be released on Sept of this year.

- Sony reveals their 24" 3D TV . build for gaming and ready for 3D. With the 3D enabled you can play any co-op looking as if you have your very own screen instead if sharing the screen with a friend. They also presented a bundle with Resistance 3 that includes 3D glasses and an HD cable all for $499.

- NBA 2k12 Presented with Move support. A live demo was shown with Kobe Bryant showing how to play the game with the PS Move.

- Sports Champion creators reveals a new PS Move-controlled game, Medieval Moves: Dead Man's Quest. Live demo shown.

- a new inFAMOUS 2 trailer was shown.

-Little Big Planet 2 will get updated so that you can do anything in the level creator using the PS Move.

- A new Starhawk trailer revealed.

- Sly Cooper: Thieves of Time announced. Coming 2012.

- Dust announced. an PS3 exclusive FPS title that is said to be link with EVE Online some way. Closed beta coming at the end of the year.

- a new in-game trailer for Bioshock: Infinite was revealed. Bioshock: Infinite creator working on making it Move support. Creators of Bioshock: Infinite also tease a game their working on for the PS Vita, a possible Bioshock game.

- Saint's Row 3 announced to have Move Support.

- A Star Trek game announced to also have Move Support. Trailer shown.

- EA giving exclusive content for the PS3 versions of three new games that they announced today. SSX will have an exclusive level in the PS3 version,Need for Speed: The Run will have 7 Super Cars Exclusive to the PS3 version and Battlefield 3's PS3 version of the game will include a free copy of battlefield 1947 in the Blue-Ray disc.

-PlayStation Suite announced. It's a framework that will be used to provide downloadable Playstation content for playstation devices. Devices like the PS Vita and I'm assuming their new Playstation Phone, Xperia.

- Plastation NGP officially named their PSP sequel PS Vita.

- PSN Party and Near services revealed for PS Vita.

- Uncharted: Golden Abyss announced for PS Vita. Live game demo was presented showing off the feature of the PS Vita and the game.

- Ruin announced for PS Vita. An Action - based RPG game that can also be played in your PS3 by simply uploading your save file from Vita.

- Mod Nation Racers for the PS Vita was announced. Demo was shown showcasing the features of the Vita being used to create a track. All Mod Nation Vita game owners will have access to all tracks created by players in the PS3 Mod Nation Racers version.

- Wipeout 2048 announced also for PS Vita and PS3. can be played up to 8 players with the PS Vita version linked with the PS3 version.

- Little big Planet for PS Vita announced with a trailer showcasing the PS Vita features.

- Street Fighter X Tekken announced for PS Vita. Capcom announces Cole from inFAMOUS to be exclusively in the PS Vita version. A short but sweet Live game demo was presented showing off Sucker Punch's Cole.

- Sony announces over 80 Vita titles are being developed right now from developers and producers like EA, Ubisoft, THQ, Activision and more.

- PS Vita is out this Holiday Season.

- The WiFi only PS Vita version will cost only $249 and the PS Vita with 3G is priced at $299.

Sony is done and the best highlights for me was the Uncharted 3 demo and all about PS Vita. The reveal of Street Fight X Tekken going to PS Vita was a shocker, they also added Cole into the mix making him an exclusive character. They presented a lot of PS Move games and games having Move support. Just like Microsoft, they presented the Move a lot but not as much as Microsoft's Kinect. Sadly no appearance again from Team ICO's The Last Guardian and no presentation from Twisted Metal, but they are there in E3 showing off the game.

The PS Vita is looking good and with that price range, everybody's excited for it. The Press Conference was i think better than last year. The PS Vita really saved them but they should have given sneak peaks of games coming to the Vita similar to what nintendo did with the 3DS.  hopefully those 80 Vita titles being developed actually gets ready for the Vita launch. One thing Sony should not do is have a small lineup of games on release similar to the PS3 release. Sony did well, their done and Nintendo is next and i predict that Press Conference will steal the show with the reveal of their new console.

Here's a link to the Press Conference to watch it yourself - http://e3.gamespot.com/press-conference/sony-e3/?tag=content_nav%3Bvideo%3Bsony