WoW Cataclysm: Rise of the Zandalari (Patch 4.1) trailer

Anybody still playing this game? yea I'm sure there's still millions, well a new patch is up if anybody wants to jump back in and a new trailer shows what 4.1 has in store for the people of Azeroth.


The 4.1 patch will include 2 old dungeons, Zul'aman and Zul'gurb which has been recycled into a level 85 5-man instance. MMO-Champion says this patch will be live this week so if anybody is interested go check the patch notes and load your wow accounts up again.

I went back to Cataclysm because of my friend's influence and enjoyed it for a good 2 months then stopped again. All geared up and set for 10-man and 25-man as an Enhance Shaman but i didn't have the time to find a guild and do those lengthy raids again. I got the best from WoW's raiding in Burning Crusade and killing Ilidan for the first time with my guild was epic. WoW is behind me and the next mmo i'd like to get is probably Guild Wars 2.