Back to the Future episode 1 free on PSN until September 27

The first of five episodes from the 'point-and-click without actually pointing and clicking' Back to the Future adventures games by Telltale games is up for free now on the PlayStation Network. Take note that this will only last until September 27 so go grab it while you still can.

Episode 1 of Back of the Future the game also went free for the PC and Mac earlier this year, I think it was back in February? But if you missed it then or don't have a PC that can run it and you own a PS3 then the gods of time has given you a second chance. If you where iffy about this series and wanted to try it but didn't want to shell out the money for the game then FREE is certainly something that is hard to resist.

Since I don't own a PS3, I had Arlie check it out and he confirms that it's legit. So what are you waiting for? EIGHTY-EIGHT MILES PER HOUR!

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Back to the Future episode 4 out next week

Great Scott! If you've been following the Back to the Future adventure games from Telltale Games, get ready cause episode 4 is out next week.

From: [Destructoid]

The next episode in Telltale Games' Back to the Future series is out next week, the developer/publisher has revealed.

It's called "Double Visions," and it'll have Marty McFly going to an alternate-world 1986 to create an invention that will (presumably) prevent a young Doc Brown from making a life-changing mistake. Hijinx will ensue.

"Double Visions" will be the second to last episode, with the finale "OUTATIME" shipping in May.

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