GTA V - Taking A Cab To The Pacific Ocean

taxi to pacific ocean A funny little glitch that I was able to recreate in Grand Theft Auto V. While riding in a cab, you can choose to either just wait until the cab physically brings you to your wanted destination in game or choose to skip the ride for an extra cost and just be where you want immediately.

So I called a cab to take me to the docks with the submarine in GTA V. Thing is, I was already in the submersible earlier and set the way point in the Pacific Ocean. I died underwater and when I called for a cab infront of the hospital, I completely forgot that the waypoint was still pointing into the middle of the ocean. I guess the cab driver will do anything for a buck and somehow possesses the power of teleportation. I guess you can consider this a glitch. Glitches in GTA games are some of the most hilarious things I've seen in video games.