Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 has a lot of fan service


Lightning Cloud Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13is planned for a February 11 release next year, but Square Enix is doing massive fan service advertising as early as now. This is the last leg for Lightning and her world, and with these trailers, I guess they want to get every big fan in the series on-board.

Aerith costume(Final Fantasy 7)

Yuna Costume(Final Fantasy 10) 

Cloud Costume(Final Fantasy 7)

Cloud's uniform was first announced a few months back and It felt like a cool bonus for fans (also helped the fact that Lightning was considered the female version of Cloud). but the announcement of Yuna and Aerith is going a bit overboard. It's not a bad thing to give this kind of content for hardcore fans, but this already seems to be Square Enix's desperate attempt to give this third game a good launch. They know they have hardcore fans, and they are not afraid to tease them a bit.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 will be available on PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.