Defiance 72-hour free trial now up

hellbug1-full Not watching the show? Or playing the game? Yea, me neither. But you can give the game a shot for free though if there's you have a slight interest in the game. The free trial is only given to PC players, and there's a limited time.

Defiance is an online shooter that blends with SyFy's latest sci-fi show with the same name. It's said that what happens in the show reflects the game, and vice-versa. Haven't given this game a shot, but now we get a chance to see what it has to offer without dropping money first.

Once you register, your timer starts. Your created account is given 72 hours to try out the game. What's funny is you have to download the client first, so depending on your connection, a lot of that free time given will be wasted on downloading the game.

You get a 200 EGA rating cap and if ever you get sucked into the world of Defiance, all progress are carried over once you buy the game.

[source: Defiance website]