E3 2013: The Order: 1886 Reveal Trailer

The-Order-1886-01 The folks over at Ready At Dawn studios and Sony Santay Monica is finally working on a new IP.

If you don't know who Ready At Dawn are, they were the studio behind the Wii port of Okami and the two God of War games on the PSP and SCE (Sony Computer Entertainment) Santa Monica handled the console entries for God of War. Now they're working on a new IP called The Order: 1886 which looks to be what I can describe as a steampunk old style London mixed with some Van Helsing and Japanese anime guns.

The-Order-1886-02The trailer revealed did not show a shred of gameplay but I am guessing and hoping that this is a Third-Person shooter that has an emphasis on action and less cover. While the trailer does not show actual gameplay, the cinematics were said to done using in-game graphics rendered in real time. Not much else is known about the game but since it's the season for video game news, I'm sure we'll get an update soon.

The Order: 1886 will be a PS4 exclusive. Hopefully this will be one of those games that helps carry the console.