Weekend, what are you playing?

Arlie haul 03-08-13

A lot of new games reached Philippine shores this week. Tomb Raider, the new Sim City, the new Naruto game, Castlevania: Mirrors of fate, and many more hit shelves last Tuesday giving a good variety of new games to enjoy during the weekend. so pick your poison, what are you playing this weekend?


Quash:For me, instead of going for something new, I weirdly chose to backtrack for the weekend. I bought Final Fantasy XIII-2 for P950 for my Xbox 360 and I'll most likely be playing that over the weekend. I guess it was the price, plus the urge to play an JRPG. I wasn't impressed with how Final Fantasy XIII turned out, and from what I was hearing about the sequel made me decide to not get it on release. But a year later with its price down, I decided to give it a try, see if it actually turns out good for me in the end.

Well, 11 hours in, and many time travel jumps later, it's actually a lot of fun. The story though is very forgettable at this point, but the combat mechanic is still one of the best in the series. O wasn't too fond with the whole third character being captured monsters found in the wild, but the merging of monsters and finding different combinations for new skills and all always get me thinking. The freedom and the ability to backtrack is also welcome. The sequel has what the first game lacked, and if Square actually merged the two and minus the whole time travel storyline, the Final Fantasy XIII series would have gone so much better. Oh, and that damn moogle is just as annoying as Vanille, just saying.

I also might get Tomb Raider this weekend for my Xbox 360, or maybe start preparing for BioShock: Infinite?


Migoy: Don't have much planned for this weekend. I just need to finish my LP of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and DmC Devil May Cry before I go into / continue anything else. Oh that and maybe some Battlefield 3 online with the crew and homies. All of which have videos up on our youtube channel that you can check out.