Battlefield 4 Official Gameplay Reveal

Battlefield 4 It's March 27th and if you've been following the teasers of Battlefield 4 then you'd know that today is the release of the official trailer. Or should I say, official 17 minute long gameplay reveal.

While the gameplay demo may not have been as impressive as the Battlefield 3 one that they showed before (IMO), this has a more videogame feel and shows what looks to be actual segments in the campaign which I do appreciate. I've always been more a "not convinced until I see actual gameplay" kind of guy. CGI trailers are cool and all but that just won't cut it.

The graphics look incredible. The draw distance extends to about as far as the human eye can see plus all the active particles and even the tarps blowing in the wind on the constructed buildings are all moving. The people look photo realistic but you can still tell that they are virtual characters but at first glance, people could take this for a live action movie. To all you FPS and graphics nuts out there, sit back and enjoy.

Battlefield 4 is set to release in fall of 2013.