Slender: The Arrival dated, pre-orders include beta access

Slender Arrival ss-01 Slender: The Arrival now has a release date. The sequel to the short but sweet indie horror title Slender: The Eight pages will be available on March 26 for the PC. Pre-orders are now live and by ordering early grants beta access to the game and extra goodies. 

There are five pre-order options to choose from.  The game will cost $10 on release, but if you choose at least the cheapest pre-order option, you get a 50% discount plus beta access to the game. If you are feeling generous and wish to give back, you will get extra goodies like a downloadable copy of the game's soundtrack, or even get your name in the game's credits.

The beta content is actually a revamped version of the creepy forest found in the original game, letting you relive that game all over again with a new look.

If you have no idea what Slender is, but love to challenge yourself with a game that could potentially make you shit your pants, I highly suggest you check out the first game which is free to download over at their site. Try it, I double dare you.

[source: Slender: The Arrival website]