Recent Buys: Episode 20 - Square Enix Sale on PSN

PSN Cards

It has barely been a week since the last Recent Buys post but I think this deserves documentation.

Simply put, Square Enix made select Final Fantasy games 50% off as a small way of celebrating the series' 25th anniversary. I did not know this as I went off to buy another $20 PSN card. The original purpose of the PSN card purchase was to top off my copy of The Walking Dead game by getting episodes 3-5 with each episode going for $5. From what I learned in grade school, 20 minus 15 leaves me with 5. I started to look around the PS Store to see what I can get with my remaining virtual cash. Headed over to the PS1 Classics section and sorted everything by price with the lowest being shown first. Lo and behold, 3 of my favorite PlayStation Final Fantasy games were going for 5 bucks a pop.

Final Fantasy IX Being ecstatic, I took a picture of my tv screen showing that I just finished installing Final Fantasy IX and posted it on the Facebooks where someone (thanks, Edward) posted an article about the Square Enix sale. The very next day I went back to Datablitz and got myself a $10 card for Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII.

FF7  FF8 PSN card weren't the only things I got though. Before I decided on buying the $20 card, I started looking up reviews of the Final Fantasy Trading Arts Kai Mini figures. I came across a review of the whole first wave (Cloud, Squall and Yuna). Initially, the Cloud figure did not appeal to me but the more I looked at the pictures of Cloud in the review, the I started liking the look of it. I guess because in the promo images, the Buster Sword looked dinky and small which makes sense in a chibi style but the Buster Sword is iconic for being stupid large. I'm not much of a scale nut but I do like it when things are in proportion of each other. I also realized that one of the reasons why the Cloud figure looked a bit off was because I wasn't diggin the small pupil default angry eyes on him but those are just my own personal gripes.


Oh and I got this awesome Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance shirt.

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Shirt