Dead Space 3 unlimited resource farming glitch already found

ds3_researchfacility_07 I'm sure right about now you guys are playing some Dead Space 3. Alone, or with a buddy, resources are quite scarce in the world of Dead Space so looking at every corner or room is a must. Just in case you need more reesources to craft but don't want to spend money with the optional microtransactions, a glitch has already been found to get as many resources you need.

It's tedious, but if your that desperate, you can try this out yourself before Visceral Games patches it up. Game Font discovered this glitch and can be found at the end of Chapter 8. It involves you entering the same room over and over again. check the video below.

It's crazy how players find these glitches, the game is not even 2 days old! Oh well, I'd take this any day rather than spending real money through microtransactions. Now hurry to chapter 8 and get as many resources as you can!

[source: Game Front, Destructoid]