Weekend, What are you playing?


First "What are you playing?" post of 2013! Actually it's been awhile now since we last did this, so I decided to bring it back. It's the first weekend of the year and I've been consumed with a strategy game that I just love. 

Quash: Civilization V is currently my game of choice. Thanks for Steam giving a 75% discount on the game's Gods & Kings expansion pack, I instantly got it. I thought at first after making the purchase that I might be just hoarding the game for the sake of getting the 75% off,  but when I ran the game with the expansion for the first time, 5 hours literally passed. It made me realize how I love strategy games. With the expansion installed, the game felt more addicting and quite unpredictable compared to the vanilla version.

It's funny that I was getting all excited that I was the first civilization to establish a religion, or that I'm a couple of turns away from building The Great Pyramid wonder because I really needed that 15% increase in wonder contructions. I got addicted fast. I was exposed to the game way back. When I was a kid, I used to watch my brother and get really curious about the game, when I got a chance to try it, I had a difficulty time progressing through the game. Thankfully when I was a bit older, I gave it another shot come Civilization IV, and I was an instant fan of the series. Civ V is just amazing, but when you compare it to the fourth, well that's for another time.

Arlie: Happy New Year everyone! The Open Beta Test of  the first English version of Ragnarok Online II The Legend of the Second launched last January 3 and I've been squishing Porings since then. It was intended only for players who are based in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam but other countries can play. Unfortunately Philippines and some other countries are IP blocked from this game but using VPN (I use Hotspot Shield) or proxies can be used as a workaround to bypass the IP block. I'm playing in Jormungand Server as a Artisan Archer, and my path is to be a Ranger.

Migoy: Went over to my cousin's place and played a buncha games with him and his 2 brothers. Those games being NBA 2k13 where the 4 of us played as teammates and got beat by the CPU so hard. Can't say that teamwork was a factor since we didn't really have any, lol. We got into the fighting games too. Did the whole Street Fighter x Tekken thing going on, both regular combat and scramble mode. Played a bit of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition with the iCore arcade sticks I bought a while back (which surprisingly still work pretty darn well). And of course we played dat Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 that we love so much.

What about you? What are you playing?