Skyrim PS3 DLC's finally hitting in February, 50% off at launch

Skyrim_Dawnguard01 Bethesda has finally figured it out. All three of Skyrim's DLC's will be heading to PS3 this February. First up, the Dragonborn DLC.

They didn't give a specific date for when each add-on content will be available on PSN, but they did give the order of release. The latest DLC Dragonborn will be first, followed by Hearthfire, then Dawnguard.

On launch, each DLC will be 50% off on the first week, a way of compensation for PS3 players that waited for months to get their hands on the content.

The 1.8 patch will also hit February prior to the Dragonborn release, so get ready to patch up.

For PC players, Dragonborn will be available in Steam on February 5.

[Source: Bethesda Blog]