Rebellion teases unannounced horror title

feb610Rebelliontease Developer Rebellion (NeverDead, Sniper Elite, and Aliens vs Predator)is teasing their next project by releasing a YouTube video giving us the atmosphere of the game. It will be a horror title for the PC, and will get its full reveal this February. Check out the teaser after the break.

On the YouTube description, Rebellions gives more info about the game:"One man is utterly alone amidst the chaos of war. But there are worse things to fear than bombs and bullets here...". The description also mentioned that the game will be fully revealed on February 14.

Halfway through the 30 second teaser, we see a silhouette of what looks and sounds like zombies. Hopefully this won't be the case because we are literally flooded with zombie games at this point. Don't get me wrong, I love zombie games, but it's overrated. Please, break out of the norm and bring something new to the table for the horror genre.

[Source: Polygon]