Steam Holiday Sale 2012 has begun


The Steam Holiday Sale has begun! It's now on day two and just like other Steam sales, we are seeing huge discounts to big titles. Right now we see titles such as Borderlands 2, Hitman: Absolution, and Dishonored at 50% off. 

It's very hard to resist. These discounts make us want a huge backlog of games just to save some cash. The Darksider 2 at $17? Ghost Recon: Future Soldier at $15? and every F.E.A.R game plus its DLC for just $13.71? Steam can be the devil with these holiday sales, and to think this will last until January 5.

Every day, until January 5, the Holiday sale will feature a whole new list of games and franchise in huge discounts that usually last for 48 hours. So make sure to check Steam regularly for the next few days to not miss out on specific discounts. Or, you can just add the game you want on your wishlist and Steam will inform you via email if a specific game in your wishlist has gone on sale. There are also flash sales which changes after a few hours in the day, and a community's choice poll which lets you vote which of the three games given gets to be discounted for just a few hours.

I'm resisting as much as I can. I still have a lot of games on my plate thanks to the Humble Bundle and I hate it when I get a load of games untouched and unfinished.


[Source: Steam store]