[UPDATED -12/22/12]Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII debut trailer leaked

lightning returns_final fantasy xiiiFirst trailer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII has been revealed! Well, by accident really. Game Trailers released the debut trailer early by accident. Right after it went live, it was quickly taken down from the site. It was apparently planned for a weekend reveal. The damage is done though and the trailer is now roaming around the net. So far the trailer is up on youtube, but I suggest you take a peek now before it gets taken down. 

UPDATE - Sadly, Square Enix has taken down the video, but I found another one just in case anybody missed it. Take a look before Square Enix gets a hold of this one. When the debut trailer gets officially released by Square, I will then replace the old video above with the new one.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will conclude Lightning's story and from the looks of it, she's rocking a new set of attire for the third game. We also get to see actual gameplay footage of the game with Lightning going solo this time around.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is set for 2013 on Playstation 3, and Xbox 360.

[Source: Kotaku]