Dead Space 3 trailer says there's two ways to play the game

DS3_COOP_01 EA and Visceral Games released a new trailer for Dead Space 3, letting us know that playing the game with a buddy shows a different side of the story.

I still have my doubts on adding coop on a survival horror game. Having a friend tag along eliminates that feeling of being alone surrounded by unknown terrors waiting for you. But when you think about it, I can't remember a coop game that I didn't like. Playing with a friend through a campaign is always going to be fun, no matter what, and adding a bit of change to the story in coop actually gives extra replay value once you have tackled the game alone.

Dead Space 3 hits shelves on February 5, 2013 on Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

[Photo credit: Official Dead Space 3 site]