Recent Buys: Episode 14 - Enders Optiks Revengeance

Zone of the Enders HD and Gunnar Edge

Judging from the picture above, you've already deduced what I got. But I'm still going to talk about them anyway.

Got myself a new videogame and which actually is two game in one and that is Zone of the Enders HD Collection. I got a PS2 really late in it's lifespan (2008 to be exact) and missed out on the Zone of the Enders series. I've heard a lot of good things about it, especially the second game, and the fact that they're Hideo Kojima games is reason enough for anybody to be interested in them. I'm also a huge mecha fan so I should be pretty much covered. Aside from having both Zone of the Enders games in one disc, also included is a demo of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. I was excited about Rising when they revealed it for the first time and got even more excited when Konami handed it over to Platinum Games, and as I've said in the previous Recent Buys, I love stuff by Platinum Games.

The second item on the list are a pair of Gunnar gaming glasses. I've been curious about Gunnars for a while but skepticism has always gotten the better of me. Curiosity finally beat out my skepticism because the only way I would be able to experience the quality of Gunnar glasses is to get a pair myself since their steep prices keep most people away. I'll test out these glasses a bit longer before I give out my opinion about them. The pair I got is called the GUNNAR Edge and goes for 3999php at DataBlitz. Told you it was steep.

Master Chief Odd Pods

Last but not least, I got myself a little figure of Master Chief from the OddPods line of McFarlane toys. It was going for half-off at the ToyKingdom warehouse sale at SM MegaMall. It's cheap, it's MightyMuggs-ish, and videogames. Till next time, guys.