Planetside 2 has now gone live!

Sony Online Entertainment's Planetside 2 has now opened its servers to the world. This game offers an FPS experience on a grand scale. We are talking about thousands of players joining three factions, and fighting it out for map control. The game is Free-To-Play and I suggest you start downloading and form ranks! Oh, and you can check out the launch trailer below too.

I've had my time with the game a month ago during the closed beta and it's crazy on how massive this game is. It's battlefield in a whole new level. The game looks amazing, and in regards to how well the shooting is in this game, it's in par with modern triple A shooters out now, which is a surprise since this is a free game.

If you are looking for a game that would really provide you with an all-out war experience, this would be perfect. Head over to Planetside 2's official website to sign-up and start downloading. Friendly warning, this game requires a lot of space to install. See you all on the battlefield!