Launch trailer for Mass Effect 3's Omega DLC

Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC screenshot Mass Effect 3's latest DLC called "Omega" and is all about Shepard helping Aria retake Omega from Cerebrus. This 4 hour content will not only have Aria in your squad for this mission, you will also have the first ever female turian ever seen in the Mass Effect universe.

You're third squad member is Nyreen, the turian leader of the Talon mercenary group, is a biotic and assists Shepard and Aria retake the space station.

That epic music got me all hyped. It made me think of getting the DLC, but then I realized the $15 (1200 MS points) price tag. Is the price worth the 4 hour content? Depends on how you reacted to the game's controversial ending I guess.

Mass Effect 3's Omega DLC will be available on November 27 in the US (possibly tom for PH)