Only 42% of Mass Effect 3 players actually completed the game

During a Game Developers Conference in Europe Bioware shared interesting statistics regarding Mass Effect 3. Only 42% of players that started a Mass Effect 3 game actually completed it. They also revealed that more players finished Mass Effect 2 than Mas Effect 3.

Mass Effect 2 has a higher completion rate at this point with 56%. Bioware noticed a surge in the stats for the second game since a lot of players were preparing their save file for the third game.

It's been nearly five months since Mass Effect 3 was released. The game received positive reception and was the game to talk about even after a few weeks of release thanks to the game's ending. The game's community had such a negative reaction to how Bioware ending the series, to the point that the developers actually made an extended cut of the ending to give hardcore fans some closure, free of cost of course. In the end, the people that forced an extended cut from Bioware was actually 42% of the player base. But what happened to the rest?

Backlog happens. People tend to forget about games because of other releases, or simply because they just don't want to continue anymore. But I wonder though - among the 58% of players that haven't finished Mass Effect 3, did the negative reaction in the game's ending affect their decision to not finish?

I wouldn't be surprise if there was a handful. I actually know a friend who did not buy the game because fans hated the ending, and decided to wait for the extended cut promised by Bioware. And yes, he was a hardcore fan.

Mass Effect 3 is an amazing game, but the fact that your impression about a game is defined solely on the last 20 minutes of the game is a bit too much. I had my problems with the ending even after the extended cut(I think it made it worse), but it's still one of the best games I've played this year.

[Source: Eurogamer]